What’s the whole thing for?

This module gives you the possibility to create a Brain Computer Interface (BCI), and herewith to get EEG data online and evaluate the data while you are receiving it.


The module is made for all users of the Brain Vision Recorder because of the therein implemented function of Remote Data Access. It is not possible to use it with another EEG Recorder Software, but this will be a project in the future.

Using the PyBCI module, you are able to get a numpy data array in up to every few ten milliseconds and therewith evaluate the data almost in realtime with other powerful Python packages, for example using PyMVPA.

Further development of the whole project would not be likely without as many voluntary developers as possible! Feel free to documented download the source code, join the mailing lists and be part of the team!

Up to now, PyBCI is available on two open source platforms: You can find it on BerliOS and on sourceforge.

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