• Up to now, the module is only usable if you are using the Brain Vision Recorder as your EEG Recorder Software.

  • As this is a Python module, for sure you’ll need Python.

  • Additional packages you need are

Installing the module

Windows XP

  1. Download the module in the current version for Windows und unzip it.

  2. Usually, your Windows system folder will be found as C:\\WINDOWS\system32. If so, you may skip this point.

    If this is not the case, you have to speficy it in setup.cfg. Just change the right part of the following expression (there is also a template in the template folder)

    windows_path = C:\\WINDOWS\system32

    into your individual path.

  3. Next, start a console, change to the location into the unzipped folder (where is lying) and type in: install

    This will install the PyBCI module in your Python site-packages folder.


  1. Download the module in the current version for Linux und untar it.

  2. Calling:


    will compile the PyBCI source funtions.

  3. Finally, just type in:

    python install

    and PyBCI should be installed properly.

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